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Base 1 by lotsofsparkles1 Base 1 :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 1 1 Young Justice Oc - Phoenix by lotsofsparkles1 Young Justice Oc - Phoenix :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 3 0 Batkids + Babs by lotsofsparkles1 Batkids + Babs :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Aqualad Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Aqualad Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Robin Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Robin Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 1 0 Superboy Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Superboy Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Miss Martian Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Miss Martian Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 1 0 Batgirl Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Batgirl Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Kid Flash Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Kid Flash Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Zatanna Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Zatanna Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Artemis Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Artemis Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Sketch Dump - YJ by lotsofsparkles1 Sketch Dump - YJ :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 3 0 Flawless by lotsofsparkles1 Flawless :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 ART TRADE : Damian Wayne by lotsofsparkles1 ART TRADE : Damian Wayne :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 1 0 Artemis by lotsofsparkles1 Artemis :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 5 Artemis in civvies by lotsofsparkles1 Artemis in civvies :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 1 0


Get My Good Side- Beast boy by TheRantDragon Get My Good Side- Beast boy :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 27 3 Hawk and Lantern by TheRantDragon Hawk and Lantern :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 73 15
YJ- Her Own Hero
Title: Her Own Hero (god, I'm SOOOO creative!)
Characters/pairings: Artemis Crock, with a little Wally/Artemis if you squint.
Genre: Angst
Rating: K+, mostly for a little implied abuse
Word Count: 1, 479
Notes: Done for day one's prompt of the December Drabble-thon on Tumblr! I am forever enamored with the idea/headcanon of Artemis having admired and/or crushed on Kid Flash when she was younger. In fact, I thought, well…just read. ;) Ah, also profuse apologies to my loverly Gwen, I think some of her headcanon for Artemis' past may have attached to my brain.
I'm the hero of the story; I don't need to be saved.
— Regina Spektor, "Hero"
Eleven years old
Her face hurts.
She kneels in the center of the room on her knees, between her own bed and the one where Jade used to sleep. Delicate flaxen wisps of hair hang loose from her ponytail, tickling her nose incessantly as she stairs blankly at the
:icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 29 7
That's Gotta Hurt by TheRantDragon That's Gotta Hurt :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 27 2 YJ- Hey There, Sugarcube by TheRantDragon YJ- Hey There, Sugarcube :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 79 4 YJ- The Great And Powerful Zee by TheRantDragon YJ- The Great And Powerful Zee :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 63 8 YJ- Garfield by TheRantDragon YJ- Garfield :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 46 12 YJ- Special Somepony by TheRantDragon YJ- Special Somepony :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 37 3 GLTAS- Aya in the Dark by TheRantDragon GLTAS- Aya in the Dark :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 26 3 YJ- Bronies by TheRantDragon YJ- Bronies :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 47 5 YJ- Here We Are Again by TheRantDragon YJ- Here We Are Again :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 73 4 YJ- WereWally by TheRantDragon YJ- WereWally :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 15 3 YJ- Ninja Boyfriend by TheRantDragon YJ- Ninja Boyfriend :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 36 5 YJ- Viking Artemis by TheRantDragon YJ- Viking Artemis :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 14 2 YJ- Let's Bet On It, Shall We? by TheRantDragon YJ- Let's Bet On It, Shall We? :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 20 3 YJ- Velocity by TheRantDragon YJ- Velocity :icontherantdragon:TheRantDragon 23 3



Base 1
I creat this myself. 

~ feel free to use it, just give me credit though! ~
Young Justice Oc - Phoenix

Base belongs to : WickedCurlyFeather 

Sooo this is my oc, Phoenix/Levina 
/more information about her/:

Levina is more of an introvert, meaning she is quiet and shy. Levina is also kind and loyal. She is artistic and has a very creative mind, though she also looks to logic in some situations. Levina loves drawing, reading, nature,fictional books and scented candles. Vanilla is her favorite scent. She is caring and she tries to help friends as much as possible.

How she finds her powers/How she joins the team:
Levina sees a girl being held hostage, two thieves stealing the girl's wallet and keys. Levina wanted to protect the girl, not knowing her, tries to stop the thieves. She reacted quickly, fighting the thieves off and telling the girl to quickly run. 

Relationship with members of the team: 

Aqualad : Phoenix admires his courage and leadership, as well as his ability to remain calm in any situation, though she doesn't react as well as Kaldur under pressure.

Superboy : At first, she tries to avoid Connor as much and she can because of his angry, brooding nature. Though, she eventually makes attempts to befriend him and get him to open up. 

Miss Martian : Phoenix gets along with the Martian very easily and they bond quickly. Phoenix really appreciate  M'gann is so welcoming and nice. 

Robin: Phoenix thinks of him a little brother, even if he's sometimes immature. She doesn't understand his made up vocabulary, but finds it amusing.

Artemis: When Artemis joins, Phoenix is a little anxious about Artemis' aggressive nature. But they soon become friends, Artemis teaching Phoenix to be more confident.

Kid Flash: Phoenix sometimes finds him a little too much to deal with, all his flirting and cockiness.

(I'm still developing her and I'm also upgrading her look)


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I love Young Justice and DC comics :D

Top of the morning to you laddies!

I love watching RobertIDK, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Dan and Phil and Superwoman


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