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Matching T-shirts by lotsofsparkles1 Matching T-shirts :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 1 0 Base 1 by lotsofsparkles1 Base 1 :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 1 1 Young Justice Oc - Phoenix by lotsofsparkles1 Young Justice Oc - Phoenix :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 5 0 Batkids + Babs by lotsofsparkles1 Batkids + Babs :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Aqualad Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Aqualad Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Robin Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Robin Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 1 0 Superboy Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Superboy Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Miss Martian Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Miss Martian Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Batgirl Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Batgirl Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Kid Flash Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Kid Flash Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Zatanna Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Zatanna Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Artemis Aesthetic by lotsofsparkles1 Artemis Aesthetic :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 Sketch Dump - YJ by lotsofsparkles1 Sketch Dump - YJ :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 3 0 Flawless by lotsofsparkles1 Flawless :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 0 ART TRADE : Damian Wayne by lotsofsparkles1 ART TRADE : Damian Wayne :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 1 0 Artemis by lotsofsparkles1 Artemis :iconlotsofsparkles1:lotsofsparkles1 0 5


Distraction by jurodo Distraction :iconjurodo:jurodo 144 18 Fly Like an Artemis by jurodo Fly Like an Artemis :iconjurodo:jurodo 87 9 YJ - Meme by Gimpyslair YJ - Meme :icongimpyslair:Gimpyslair 143 39 Artemis Badge Art by wolfram003 Artemis Badge Art :iconwolfram003:wolfram003 47 6 Tigress by StarrdustCrusader Tigress :iconstarrdustcrusader:StarrdustCrusader 10 1 TT - c'mon, i don't bite rae by hateful-minds TT - c'mon, i don't bite rae :iconhateful-minds:hateful-minds 84 21 Hands off! by StarrdustCrusader Hands off! :iconstarrdustcrusader:StarrdustCrusader 115 18 Skirts by Mazrilin Skirts :iconmazrilin:Mazrilin 125 6 no... by Mazrilin no... :iconmazrilin:Mazrilin 106 17
How To Expunge The Mary-Sue
“For All You Sue-Haters”
One day Danny Fenton went to school and there was somebody waiting by his locker before first period had even started. She had long black hair and blue eyes and she was very sexy.
“Hi! I’m Luna Alex Mary-Sue Belle Fuffyhair! I’ve got all the most cliché girl names in one PLUS a super-cute non-existent last name. I’m half ghost, half wolf, half neko—mew mew—and also part human. And I totally don’t care that I just revealed all of that to you! I’m new here and I’m a goth but, I’m very happy and very nice, unlike that Sam Manson I’ve heard about. She’s uber mean. I’m also really shy, but, I think Danny, you and I should be best friends!”
Danny’s eyebrows rose. He was so totally confused. “Who…are you…?” He asked, backing away slowly.
“You don’t remember me?” Said Luna distraught.
“Um…I think I’d reme
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 42 250
How similar are you to your OC? Template
--Template for use with CREDIT only.
--Compare and contrast you and your favorite or main character. This may help you to discover things about them that are like you and can be changed, so that your character isn't a self-insert. Let’s begin.
Names: PrennCooder [me] // Cecelia [main girl OC] // Alliza [favorite OC of all time]
Height: 5’4/5’5 // 5’6 // 5’8
Build: curvy // thin // skinny
Skin Color: light tan // very tan // pale
Hair Color: light reddish brown // very dark brown // black
Hair Style: long straight* // long straight* // long straight*
Eye Color: dark brown // purple // dark blue
*Note: when I created both of them my hair had never been long
Theme Colors: *pink/red // *pink/white // gold/blue
Main Talent: story writing // cheerleading // singing*
Secondary Talent: character drawing // cosmetics // acting/performance
Tertiary Talent: song writing // aesthetic crafts // dancing
Additional Inte
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 27 4
Neon Art Trade by Jet-the-Glaceon92 Neon Art Trade :iconjet-the-glaceon92:Jet-the-Glaceon92 11 2 Don't Wake Me Because I'm Dreaming by Jet-the-Glaceon92 Don't Wake Me Because I'm Dreaming :iconjet-the-glaceon92:Jet-the-Glaceon92 6 3 Broken Promise 9 by MegS-ILS Broken Promise 9 :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 231 98 Teamiplier doods by Kayroos Teamiplier doods :iconkayroos:Kayroos 280 12 WHAT DID YOU DO? by Kayroos WHAT DID YOU DO? :iconkayroos:Kayroos 437 15



Matching T-shirts
I imagine that Wally would want both of them to wear clothing with each other's logos and Artemis would go along, just to see him happy. Although, she does like wearing items with Kid Flash's logo on it because she finds it fun and oddly comforting, for part of him to always be with her. 

Base 1
I creat this myself. 

~ feel free to use it, just give me credit though! ~
Young Justice Oc - Phoenix

Base belongs to : WickedCurlyFeather 

Sooo this is my oc, Phoenix/Levina 
/more information about her/:

Levina is more of an introvert, meaning she is quiet and shy. Levina is also kind and loyal. She is artistic and has a very creative mind, though she also looks to logic in some situations. Levina loves drawing, reading, nature,fictional books and scented candles. Vanilla is her favorite scent. She is caring and she tries to help friends as much as possible.

How she finds her powers/How she joins the team:
Levina sees a girl being held hostage, two thieves stealing the girl's wallet and keys. Levina wanted to protect the girl, not knowing her, tries to stop the thieves. She reacted quickly, fighting the thieves off and telling the girl to quickly run. 

Relationship with members of the team: 

Aqualad : Phoenix admires his courage and leadership, as well as his ability to remain calm in any situation, though she doesn't react as well as Kaldur under pressure.

Superboy : At first, she tries to avoid Connor as much and she can because of his angry, brooding nature. Though, she eventually makes attempts to befriend him and get him to open up. 

Miss Martian : Phoenix gets along with the Martian very easily and they bond quickly. Phoenix really appreciate  M'gann is so welcoming and nice. 

Robin: Phoenix thinks of him a little brother, even if he's sometimes immature. She doesn't understand his made up vocabulary, but finds it amusing.

Artemis: When Artemis joins, Phoenix is a little anxious about Artemis' aggressive nature. But they soon become friends, Artemis teaching Phoenix to be more confident.

Kid Flash: Phoenix sometimes finds him a little too much to deal with, all his flirting and cockiness.

(I'm still developing her and I'm also upgrading her look)


No journal entries yet.


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Top of the morning to you laddies!

I love watching RobertIDK, Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Dan and Phil and Superwoman


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